When planning the perfect event the final touch is having the perfect waitstaff. Whether you are hosting a private party or a corporate function, our trained professional waitstaff will ensure your event is flawless from start to finish.


Servers are at events to cater to the needs of the guests. They may handle various tasks throughout an event such as event set-up, event breakdown, passing drinks to guests upon arrival, passing hors d'oeuvres, taking dinner orders and then serving dinner and so on.


Our bartenders are well equipped to handle all of your bar needs no matter how simple or complex from set-up to breakdown.


Bussers are needed to ensure the event stays neat and clean throughout the evening. They are removing glassware, clearing plates, picking up garbage, changing the garbage and assisting with event breakdown.


Our coat check attendants can set-up your coat check area, greet guests as they arrive and maintain the smooth flow of checking your guests belongings.


Captains are crucial to the success of an event. No matter how small the event is it is important to have someone leading and managing the staff. Captains are there to direct and oversee the staff and make sure the event is flowing according to the schedule.


When it comes to an event involving food and beverage service, sanitation captains are a necessity. They are in charge of the back of house in terms of checking in rentals, setting up the sanitation area for glassware, china, and flatware and organizing rentals at the close of the event.