With a steady increase in artists relocating to New York and the recent economic climate, the new New York has become a risky place for creatives trying to fight out the competition. Which is why Native New Yorkers should be easier on transplants. Seriously guys, it takes a lot of guts to move here with the hope of fulfilling a dream in our recent socio-economic climate.

Event staffing became an answer to this climate shift; it provides freelance work that is available and that is flexible for artists in this tough town. Just looking at our roster, it is full of New York’s most vibrant and eclectic talent, who all took huge risks in venturing into this territory.

Our events staff are sent to us through agencies as soon as they’re “off the boat” and new to the modeling industry or theater programs. Several days are then spent in training to nurture a room of new New Yorkers and to give them the tools and skill-sets that will help them make ends meet. Our trusted captains, who have paid their dues and who have developed service skills over the years, guide our staff in perfecting their training.

It’s rewarding to watch our staff’s professional development. After a few months, we inevitably receive an invitation to their debut event (outside of work). I’m blessed to be privy to the arts and culture underbelly of New York City. The office team is regularly invited to plays, presentations, heavy-metal shows, or gallery openings. Then, I’ll catch my staff on a billboard in Times Square, or as a model on a sponsored ad via Facebook, or read about their band’s first tour.

I’m proud to work for a company that is based on the pursuit of dream-realization. With our personalized training, freelance framework and investment in The Individual, we see the NY Skyline of potential for both the company and our talented team.

“On what high-performing companies should be striving to create: A great place for great people to do great work.”