For a staffing company, interviewing is routine. We have an average of 5 to 10 people apply for bartending, serving and modeling positions on a daily basis. Our interview process consists of several steps: general introductory discussion, catering & bartending tests, as well as behavioral questions. This process allows us to hire the best of the best and then train them to our standards.

Many times our clients are so happy with our staff that they reach out to see if we can help them fill their clerical positions. Even though our catering interview process is very thorough, it is meant for hiring hospitality staff - not clerical employees. Similarly, we don’t hire in our office based on a staff member’s performance on the catering floor. Our interview processes are 100% different for office positions and catering positions; however both interview models are unique to our company. We will reject outside clerical requests because our vetting process is specific to our office needs.  

We strive to provide specialist, regardless of the request. We believe that every role within the company is important and we strive to determine a perfect fit for any role.