There is a difference between what is trendy and what is trending. You should 100% differentiate this as it pertains to a business model. Articles like “2016 Event trends”, or “Street Style: Trends for Spring” flood your phone everyday. This is clickbait at its finest - posts that rely on The Consumer suffering from chronic FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). The definition and evolution of cool is always changing. How does your company stay relevant in an ever changing market?

Avoid adopting trends in branding/developing your company. If you incorporate what is currently hip for creative impetus, you set a short shelf-life for your business. Trend mimicking, by definition, sets you behind the times. It broadcasts your lack of ingenuity, especially if you are in a creative field. At a company’s infancy, this is startup suicide.

Defining trending topics in marketing is actually important. To generate a following you can jump on the bandwagon during early stages, so hashtag away friends. Generate new followers by incorporating stories and headlines that are relevant to your own unique and creative brand. Make it contextually relevant to your vision.  

My favorite example is Steve Jobs, a severely uncool innovator who created an empire and stayed defiantly lame in personal aesthetic. He was so above “cool” that his lack of fashion-sense became hip posthumously (see: normcore). Though arguably less innovative since Jobs' passing, Apple has defined tech trends for the past 15 years.

Set the trends, don’t let trends define your business or your creative process.