David Stark Design and Production is an event design and planning firm that is sought after for their innovative and imaginative events. Not long ago I had an exciting opportunity to present my company and services to their event design team. The theme of my presentation was Innovation, which I meditated on with my team. We have not invented staffing services; temp agencies make up a large portion of our city’s workforce and event staffing is a bi-product of that field. Even with that being said, we still bring aspects that set us apart as a hospitality staffing agency.

INSURANCE. It is important for all vendors to be prepared for a Worst Case Scenario. Our clients always feel immensely more comfortable when we bring up the fact that we are fully insured. Regardless of the amount of staff that we have on hand or the type of event or project that we have going on, our team is entirely protected in the event that an accident were to happen on-site.

HIRING. Sourcing talent is very important when it comes to hiring. We send our talents out to represent a wide range of brands and sometimes even to work at private residences, so it goes to no surprise that we have to be very selective. All of our talents come through three main sources: staff referrals, model agencies and restaurateurs. Our HR department then interviews the applicants and vet their skill level prior to hiring and training.

TRAINING. Many people come to us with having years of experience under their belt, but even so, they are still required to go through training with us. Training has two components: Catering 101 & Event Etiquette. We always want to ensure that all staff members are fully aware of our specific standards before they hit the floor. We understand that training does not end here; we have a carefully designated percentage of new staff on each event, so they can learn from the experienced majority. Also, we always provide a Point Person on each team, regardless of the team size, to lead our staff to success. At the end of the event, the team’s Point Person completes a thorough report on the skill level of each individual staff, so we can monitor their progress and develop the skills of each individual. We do not just staff bodies, we staff individuals.

We strive for innovation, even if it is incremental. We constantly re-examine our process in order to improve customer experience, staff development, and our company as a whole.


“Training should not be confined to trainees. It should be a continuous process, and should include the entire professional staff of the agency. The more our people learn, the more useful they can be to our clients.”

- David Ogilvy