I feel very blessed sometimes to have the job that I do and that I love. This is probably a weird beginning for a post about the perception of beauty but seriously, we get to do some really fun things. We interview models, schedule photo-shoots, brainstorm on event ideas and then we make it all happen. With every event, there is always something new that we learn, since every event presents its own unique experience. There is one thing though that we have learned real quickly - everyone’s perception of beauty is different.

You would think that all of the requests we get for models are standard in nature. However, this is not the case. Different brands want to be represented and associated with different looks.  Some of our fashion brand clients would look for your typical muscular, built male model while other clients may go for completely opposite image. Some clients want to see staged professional pictures; where as other clients want to see their natural selves. The general perception of a model is that they have to be tall, while others see petiteness as beauty. It is hard to guess with a first time client selection, because their perception of beauty might be very different from ours, but once we see them make their first selection, it is easier to assist them in the future.

When hiring brand ambassadors, promotional models or trade show models we concentrate on personality rather than look. The clients might be looking for different features, but they certainly expect our staff to be articulate, well mannered, friendly and outgoing to represent their brand correctly or engage with the audience. We find it ironic that there is no room for modeling stereotypes in modeling business.