The holidays are officially over, the snow has finally kicked into gear and everyone and everything seems to have gone into a dry spell as we all hibernate for the winter. I personally have booked my trip to sunny Cancun, Mexico to escape the cold and seize the slow season as an excuse to vacation while there’s nothing to do anyways. While there is some truth in the notion that there’s nothing to do, there are definite ways to keep the momentum going. We have already been thinking of ways to generate excitement during this slow time to prepare for what is to come during the actual busy season.

Businesses and industries aren’t necessarily seasonal anymore. If you think about it, in fashion, everything is always one season ahead. Slinky, barely there swimsuits are shot in the Winter when it’s thirty degrees and below, while heavy, fur collared coats are shot in the Summer when perspiration is the inescapable reality. In the holiday markets, there’s a reason why all your Christmas decorations are being sold alongside Marvel comic Halloween costumes. It’s because these businesses and industries extend the actual “season” to optimize on their profit margin.

How does this idea translate into events? For us, it’s been taking the time to embrace an internal renovation of how we operate to develop better efficiency when events start picking up again. We are restructuring our relationships with our staff to hopefully create sustainable value and quality for our clients. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been a lot of rethinking and readjusting, trial and error, long hours and manual labor. It really is like renovating a home. You can change out your bathroom toilet, but that may lead to updating all your bathroom pipes that may then lead to a poorly operating sewage system and all of a sudden, you find yourself having to update the bathroom sink and bathroom tub and shower,  along with the original plan of just changing the toilet. It’s really all a trickle effect. We changed one thing and then we suddenly found ourselves having to change fifteen other things in order to accommodate for that initial change.

The process has not been easy and immediate but once it’s all set and done, we can expect more promising results and a string of consistency in our operations to act as a foundation. In this slow season, we are kept busy with optimistic success from our current act on changes.