STRESS FREE STAFFING: 5 Tips to Get You On Board

With an event on hand, booking staff for that day should sound relatively easy, until you actually get to do it. Here are our 5 tips for stress-free staffing.


All events are different in nature and require different skills/looks/uniforms/personalities/etc. Explain in specific detail as to what your event actually is and as to what type of staff you need to carry out the vision of your event. Emphasize the absolute must haves and acknowledge the details that you are willing to  compromise on. If you are unsure, ask for advice. Ex: Many times we have a client tell us the exact number of staff that they need for an event. However, after we ask for details, it becomes obvious that a team of 7 staff is not enough for a 150 person sit down dinner.


Many clients initiate a conversation months in advance, but do not book the staff until the week of the event. Even though staffing agents work magic, it is beneficial for all parties, from the client, to the agent and to the staff, to do it sooner rather than later. It allows you time to rethink specifics, make changes, book preferred staff and SLEEP WELL because the essentials are taken care of.  You will find it especially stressful when there are unresolved staffing issues the day before an event. Several parties are always involved in solidifying change (including staff), and everyone is already racing the clock. Our advice is to book early and if you need to make changes or adjustments let your agency know and they will gladly help. Everyone wins.


Our roster is composed of actors, models and other creative types that rely on freelance work to supplement their income. Because of the nature of their careers, their schedules can change at any given minute. If ten models is what you need for your event, feel free pick at least three alternate models so that you get the staff you like, even if one of your initial options happen to book a last minute photoshoot and have to fly out to LA. If you are hiring for a promotional event, where it is important that models have outgoing personalities, indicate the look that you prefer and let your agency do the selection. You can still see the models that are being booked for you, but you also get the staff that would be perfect for your event.


For every event: book a team leader. This is your go to person who guides the entire team from the minute they walk into the venue to the very last second before they leave the venue. We suggest having a team lead even for small events. Unless you are a caterer, let your agency help you with assignments. They know the minimum number of staff needed for any event and the perfect number of staff. Ex: not everybody remembers that sanitation crews are needed for events with food, so it is good to get advice about the types of staff needed. Unless you want to deal with dirty dishes yourself.


This is the most obvious, but at the same time the most important piece of advice. Saving money is always good, but it is also important that you work with professionals. Here are the things you need to consider while shopping for the agency: find out their hourly rates, ask about additional fees, pay attention to how fast the agency replies to you; events are organic in nature so you should find someone you feel comfortable with, see if they are willing to work with you before you hand them your credit card. And… don’t forget to include Julia Valler Staffing & Events to your shopping list.