Enjoy Delicious, Elegant Cuisine Served Professionally with NYC Corporate Catering from Julia Valler

Your upcoming corporate event in New York will require exquisite, delicious food served in elegant fashion by trained professionals. Here at Julia Valler, we can be relied on to ensure your corporate event is enhanced by the most unique, superb-tasting cuisine served by dedicated professionals. If you're searching for unrivaled NYC corporate catering, then look no further than right here at Julia Valler.

From large company-wide parties to small office gatherings to Holiday celebrations, Julia Valler Staffing & Events is ready to help you and your team enjoy the most wonderful and elegant food presented in wonderful fashion and served to you by professional wait staff. We offer a range of customizable menus which can include breakfast, buffet or plated lunch and dinner, passed and stationed hors d'oeuvres, live stations, and full bar with experienced professional bartender options. No matter the specific catering requirement, you will have nothing to worry about and a spectacular corporate event to look forward to when you choose Julia Valler.

Enjoy delicious, elegant cuisine served professionally with NYC corporate catering from Julia Valler Staffing & Events. You can learn more about our professional corporate catering solutions in New York as well as our professional staffing solutions when you browse through our Julia Valler website, https://www.juliavaller.com. If you have an inquiry, then please contact us today by phone at 212-845-9908 or you can use the contact form found on our website.


Get Noticed and Boost Your Brand with Help from Our Professional NYC Promotional Staff

You want your marketing efforts to succeed, and in order to achieve your goals, you'll need the right professional NYC promotional staff. Let us at Julia Valler help your business get noticed. Here you'll find trained, professional promo staff and promo models that will help you boost your brand and sell your products or services.

Whether you're rolling out the red carpet for a grand opening of a new store, you're gearing up for a fantastic product launch, or perhaps you're embarking on a marketing push that will include a street promo or fashion event, we can provide you with the quality, well-trained professionals that will help to make your event a great success. From experienced promo models and brand ambassadors to friendly registrants, hosts, and greeters to wonderful wait staff and bartenders, our promo staff is bound to impress you, your customers, and other stakeholders at the event.

Get noticed and boost your brand with help from our professional NYC promotional staff. If you'd like to learn more about the range of promotional staff solutions we offer and the events in NYC we can cover, then simply browse through our Julia Valler website, https://www.juliavaller.com/. If you have any questions about any of the promo staff solutions we offer or you'd like a quote, then please contact us directly by phone at 212.845.9908 or you can use the simple contact form found on our website.



Ensure Your Event is a Great Success with Julia Valler Event Staffing in NYC

Whether you're planning a big fundraiser, celebrating a business milestone, thinking of how best to celebrate a wedding, opening your business doors for the first time, or are planning for another kind of event in which you'll need every small detail and every element to be perfect, it's important to know which event staffing solution in NYC will go above and beyond in helping to ensure event perfection.

With Julia Valler event staffing in NYC, you'll enjoy extensive high-quality staffing solutions which will fit in perfectly with your kind of event. From new product launches to important corporate events to glamorous private parties to elegant banquets to beautiful weddings, we will provide you with trained professionals focused on ensuring the highest levels of quality for your event in NYC. Whether you're in need of wait service, models, bartenders, hosts, registration attendants, or another staffing solution, we will deliver exceptional professionals who will be committed to complete event success.

Learn more today about how we at Julia Valler go above and beyond in providing our clients with quality event staffing in NYC. Within our Julia Valler website, https://www.juliavaller.com, you can learn more about what makes us the best event staffing solution in NYC and you can also take a look at our professional catering services. For more information about our professional staffing or catering services in NYC, please call 212-845-9908 or use the contact form found on our website.



For a staffing company, interviewing is routine. We have an average of 5 to 10 people apply for bartending, serving and modeling positions on a daily basis. Our interview process consists of several steps: general introductory discussion, catering & bartending tests, as well as behavioral questions. This process allows us to hire the best of the best and then train them to our standards.

Many times our clients are so happy with our staff that they reach out to see if we can help them fill their clerical positions. Even though our catering interview process is very thorough, it is meant for hiring hospitality staff - not clerical employees. Similarly, we don’t hire in our office based on a staff member’s performance on the catering floor. Our interview processes are 100% different for office positions and catering positions; however both interview models are unique to our company. We will reject outside clerical requests because our vetting process is specific to our office needs.  

We strive to provide specialist, regardless of the request. We believe that every role within the company is important and we strive to determine a perfect fit for any role.


There is a difference between what is trendy and what is trending. You should 100% differentiate this as it pertains to a business model. Articles like “2016 Event trends”, or “Street Style: Trends for Spring” flood your phone everyday. This is clickbait at its finest - posts that rely on The Consumer suffering from chronic FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). The definition and evolution of cool is always changing. How does your company stay relevant in an ever changing market?

Avoid adopting trends in branding/developing your company. If you incorporate what is currently hip for creative impetus, you set a short shelf-life for your business. Trend mimicking, by definition, sets you behind the times. It broadcasts your lack of ingenuity, especially if you are in a creative field. At a company’s infancy, this is startup suicide.

Defining trending topics in marketing is actually important. To generate a following you can jump on the bandwagon during early stages, so hashtag away friends. Generate new followers by incorporating stories and headlines that are relevant to your own unique and creative brand. Make it contextually relevant to your vision.  

My favorite example is Steve Jobs, a severely uncool innovator who created an empire and stayed defiantly lame in personal aesthetic. He was so above “cool” that his lack of fashion-sense became hip posthumously (see: normcore). Though arguably less innovative since Jobs' passing, Apple has defined tech trends for the past 15 years.

Set the trends, don’t let trends define your business or your creative process.